Appendix A
Checklists for an Integrated Design Process for Retrofitting Buildings

The checklists in Appendix A are intended to draw attention to the scope of topics that may be necessary to explore during the pre-design phases of an existing facility’s retrofit. Not all topics may require equal weight or depth of critical analysis, accuracy or completeness. The intent of the checklists is to support the reader to proactively manage the project, exercising due diligence and prudence and, to develop a relevant and comprehensive pre-design stage project information database.

The integration of pre-design studies requires careful planning, close collaboration and co-operation between all of the consulting professionals involved, the management of which would be a key function of the project architect and the owner’s project manager.

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Step 1: Needs Assessment

Step 2: Existing Building Assessment

Step 3: Proposed Building Retrofit Plans

Step 4: Assessing Alternatives and Interactions

Step 5: Final Retrofit Plan

Step 6: Performance Assurance & Monitoring