Appendix A
Employment Agreement

See Chapter 3.6 – Human Resources for a discussion of employment agreements and a checklist of considerations when writing an employment agreement.

The use and benefits of an employment agreement are discussed in Chapter 3.6 – Human Resources.


The agreement:

  • creates a contract;
  • outlines terms and conditions of employment;
  • identifies probationary periods, if any;
  • prevents misunderstandings.


A sample employment agreement is provided as a template.


  1. Complete the form using the following aids.
  2. Replace BOLD CAPITALIZED text with appropriate information.
  3. If multiple options for text are presented (square brackets), select the appropriate text, delete non-appropriate options and delete square brackets.
  4. Delete notes in italics.
  5. Initial each page.
  6. Principal and candidate sign on the last page.

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