Appendix A
List: Federal Authorities Having Jurisdiction

The following is a list of the principal federal legislation and regulations.

Aeronautics Act:
The legislation authorizes the federal minister regulating transport to establish height, location, and building-use regulations in the vicinity of airports. It constitutes a zoning regulation and must be registered against the lands.

The Impact Assessment Act:
This legislation requires assessment and auditing of Crown land and federal property based on a wide range of environmental concerns.

Canada Marine Act:
This act establishes the port authorities that administer regulations for construction within a port. The port authority issues a permit for construction.

National Fire Code:
The Dominion Fire Commissioner has jurisdiction over all federal buildings constructed on any federal property in Canada, a responsibility similar to the provincial fire marshal and/or the local fire department.

Nuclear Safety and Control Act:
The federal government is the prime authority for ionizing radiation. Provincial officials authorized as inspectors under the Act may come from various provincial departments.

National Building Code:
The National Building Code is a model code which has no legal status unless adopted by a provincial or municipal authority. However, federal government buildings and other buildings which depend upon Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation mortgage financing must comply with the code to qualify for financing.

Navigation Protection Act:
This statute requires an approved application before any structure may be built in or over navigable waters.

Canada National Parks Act:
This act and its subsidiary regulations govern buildings within federally owned parks.