Appendix H
Checklist – Internal Review of Drawings: Mechanical


Refer to the recommended checking procedure in Chapter 3.8 – Risk Management and Professional Liability, which should be followed rigorously. The primary purpose of this checklist is quality assurance. Checking should commence early in the preparation of construction drawings and continue throughout their development. Adjust the review process to suit the type/size of project.

See also Appendices J, K, L and M – Checklist – Life Safety Information to Include on Drawings in this chapter, which deal with building code issues, most of which are not repeated here. Life safety issues should be applied during the design stages and verified early in the review process.

This checklist is limited to information which is shown/detailed on drawings. Some cross-references to specifications are provided, where appropriate. Items which are the primary responsibility of the appropriate consulting engineers are noted under relevant drawing titles as a reminder to the architect to review them and verify that there are no conflicts between architectural and engineering drawings.

Comments, clarifications, or recommendations are in italics.

Use of a forward slash (/) signifies and or or.