Appendix A
Business Plan Outline

Referencing Rena Klein’s The Architect’s Guide to Small Firm Management: Making Chaos Work for Your Small Firm, a business plan for an architectural practice may include the following sections:

1. Purpose/Business model:

a. philosophy/core values;

b. project types/client types;

c. career contentment and disposition of the owners;

d. core competence and weaknesses;

e. market opportunities and threats to market position;

f. firm size;

g. firm future, including transition plan.

2. Financial plan:

a. financial expectations of owners;

b. revenue goal over time;

c. operating budget expectations over time;

d. profit plan over time;

e. scenario plans for firm revenue and staffing over time.

3. Operational structure:

a. organizational structure;

b. technology upgrades and integration;

c. project delivery model;

d. knowledge acquisition and development;

e. promotion, recruitment, and compensation.

4. Marketing plan:

a. external market conditions and competition;

b. target market;

c. key differentiators;

d. image and brand;

e. relationship-building and network plan.