Appendix B
Checklist for Information for Topographical and Legal Land Surveys

This checklist is meant to assist the architect in providing instructions to a land surveyor by identifying the requirements needed when they are engaged to prepare a survey of a particular site. Generally speaking, land surveys will indicate location and description of any features that would affect construction as well as all easements, alignment restrictions or other special zoning or town planning information, which might determine the location of the building on the property. Local authorities having jurisdiction may have particular checklists of information they require on surveys too.

Ground Elevation and Property Lines

Built Surface Items Inside Property Lines

Provide all pertinent information, including sizes, material, location, condition, etc. for the following.

Underground Services, Tunnels, Pipelines and Open Ditches

Provide sizes, location and inverts of the following and indicate if stakeout is required.

Streets and Sidewalks

Adjacent Properties

Bylaw Information

The authority having jurisdiction may require certain information on site plans and surveys.