Appendix E
Checklist for Facility Accessibility Surveys

This checklist is meant to assist the architect in understanding the general scope of an accessibility survey.

The particular facility, client, and jurisdiction may require additional categories of review and analysis. It is likely that an accessibility survey will be more detailed than depicted here, requiring specific dimensions and inventories to be taken. The architect needs to establish the codes and standards against which the facility is being assessed before conducting the survey. The survey may also allow for “degrees of compliance” rather than simple pass-fail responses.

Note: The list below provides a high-level overview. Architects may apply the UniFormat II classification system to organize building system information.

Off-Site Surroundings

On-Site Parking and Approach

Building Entrance

Interior Paths of Travel

Vertical Circulation


Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment


Emergency Systems

Additional Amenities

Facility Types with Additional Requirements