Appendix B
Continuous On-site Representation

For certain large and complex projects or some fast-track projects, continuous on-site representation is required. If provided by the architect, it is considered an additional service requiring negotiation of a fee over and above the basic fee. Alternatively, the client may choose to directly hire a clerk of the works.

Usually, the responsibilities of a clerk of the works are limited and do not include contract document interpretation. The clerk of the works records construction activities and quantities, often for unit price contracts.

A continuous on-site architectural representative may undertake some of the following duties:

  • coordinating all communications;
  • interpreting contract documents;
  • assisting in the preparation of change orders and certificates;
  • arranging for inspection and testing;
  • preparing record drawings;
  • attending site meetings;
  • providing continuous general review and maintaining a daily log which contains:
    • weather conditions;
    • major material and equipment deliveries;
    • daily construction activities, percentage of completion of work, and work force;
    • records of work stoppages and reasons for them;
    • occurrence of inspection and testing and their results;
    • special visitors;
    • unusual conditions or significant developments on site.

The architect’s role as a continuous on-site representative should be carefully and clearly defined, and an appropriate fee should be negotiated with the client.