Appendix J
Checklist – Life Safety Information to Include on Drawings: Architectural


Life safety information in this checklist is arranged under the titles of the drawings on which the information would normally be placed. Basic information required to determine type of construction, fire-resistance ratings and fire separations is listed under general. The arrangement of information is suggested only; the architect should modify where information is placed to suit the requirements of documenting the project. This checklist is limited to information which is shown or detailed on drawings; it does not include items which are normally included in the specifications.

Some items are the primary responsibility of the appropriate consulting engineers. These items are noted under relevant drawing titles as a reminder to the architect to coordinate and verify that the information is shown on relevant engineering drawings.

Comments, clarifications, or recommendations are in italics.

Use of a forward slash (/) signifies and or or.

“As prescribed” indicates that relevant/more detailed requirements should be reviewed in the applicable building code or other regulations of authorities having jurisdiction.

General: Building Fire Safety

Prescribed combustible/non-combustible construction and fire-resistance ratings/fire separations for floor/roof/supporting assemblies, based on:

Building Code Data

Building code data may be placed on site plan or cover sheet.

Site Plan

Key Plan(s) (recommended)

Note: Show information on floor plans if key plans not used. Indicate locations and fire-resistance ratings of all building elements as per the table below:

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Floor Plans: Basements/Floors Below Grade

Floor Plans: Floors Above Grade

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Means of Egress

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Roof Plan (as required)

Reflected Ceiling Plans

Building Sections

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Elevations: High Buildings

Wall Sections

Details: Interior Elevations

Details: Fire Stops in Concealed Spaces

Details: Stairs/Ramps

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Details: Elevators

Note: Fire alarm requirements based on occupancy classification/occupant load of building:

Details: High Buildings