Appendix N
Checklist – Information to Include on Drawings for Small Part 9 Buildings


If an architect is engaged for a project which falls within the definitions for Part 9, the services provided by the architect should uphold the professional standards outlined in these checklists, whether or not the building code requires the building to be designed by an architect.

The checklist is divided into two levels of detail, either of which may be used as appropriate. The first level covers the minimum documentation necessary to obtain a Building Permit.

The second level of detail, which is underlined, expands the scope to a full set of documents appropriate for a custom design.

Comments, clarifications, or recommendations are in italics.

Use of a forward slash (/) signifies and or or.

Title Block

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Note: On small projects, it may be convenient to include components designed by an engineer (e.g. structural elements, heating system, electrical circuitry) on an architectural drawing which is sealed and signed by the architect; in this event, the engineer’s professional seal must also be applied to each relevant drawing (preferably placed adjacent to the components designed by the engineer), with a notation identifying which items the engineer is responsible for.

Cover Sheet (optional)

Site Plan

Scale: As large as feasible within selected sheet size.

Note: If cover sheet not used, include information in table above, Cover Sheet, on site plan.

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Key Plan

Recommended scale 1:200.

Floor Plans

Recommended scales: 1:100, 1:50.

Decision on appropriate scale depends on complexity of plan information to be provided. If larger scale is selected, plan blow-ups of complex areas may not be required. Incorporate all items noted under key plans if key plans not used.

Ensure same orientation for all floor plans.

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Roof Plan (as required)

Recommended scales: 1:200, 1:100, 1:50, not necessarily at same scale as floor plans.

Reflected Ceiling Plans (as required)

Recommended scales: 1:200, 1:100, not necessarily at same scale as floor plans.

Building Sections

Recommended scales: 1:100, 1:50.


Recommended scales: 1:100, 1:50.

Wall Sections

Recommended scale: 1:20.

One or more vertical wall sections may be sufficient to describe/locate all components of typical wall construction; if basic information required for building permit cannot be shown adequately by building and wall sections, use large-scale details to show assemblies (refer to details).

Detailed Floor Plans

Recommended scales: 1:50, 1:20.

Plan blow-ups of complex areas, as required.


Large-scale details of all building envelope/assembly conditions.

Recommended scales: 1:10, 1:5.

Other Details

Small-scale key drawings of assemblies (stairs/cabinets, etc.) cross-referenced to large-scale details on same or adjacent sheets. Recommended scales: 1:50, 1:20, 1:10, 1:5, 1:1 as required.

Schedules (as required)